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Meet Kate, an expert in her field, dedicated to creating lasting and positive change for clients of all ages. With a focus on mental and emotional wellness, physical and structural wellness, and environmental and nutritional wellness, Kate empowers individuals to proactively manage their health on multiple levels. 


As a seasoned Kinesiologist, Practitioner, Mentor, and Facilitator, Kate brings over a decade of clinical expertise to guide individuals, businesses, and schools towards holistic wellness.

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Work with Kate

Before Kate’s shift into the wellness space, she worked in both the corporate and agency landscape in a creative production capacity, delivering campaigns for companies such as CommBank, American Express, Telstra, Optus, Canon and Volvo, and led large-scale public projects including Sydney's New Year’s Eve.


The challenges of balancing a corporate profession with motherhood reshaped her perspective, paving the way for her to explore the profound benefits of Kinesiology and a holistic approach to wellness.


"Life Balance is the key to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life, and Kinesiology can make it happen." - Kate

As a strong supporter of mentorship, Kate believes in sharing her knowledge and experience to help others step into their new and fulfilling wellness careers and set up a sustainable business. She is currently offering bespoke mentoring programs to Kinesiology and other complementary therapy students as an extension of her clinical services. 


Kate draws on her first-hand employee, managerial, and practitioner experience to guide clients through their unique challenges to a place of wellness, productivity, and personal empowerment.

Kate currently holds the following qualifications:

  • International Diploma in Professional Kinesiology (ICPKP - Diploma)

  • B. Multidisciplinary Design (UNSW)

  • Touch for Health (T.F.H. I-IV) curriculum completion

  • Neural Organisational Techniques (N.O.T.) syllabus with Dr Peter McLellan

  • Dare to Lead™ Certified 

  • Current Level 2 First Aid Certificate

  • Current Working with Children Check



"Kate’s professionalism, techniques and sincerity have brought great change to the way I live my life.


The goals we developed together have been fulfilled 100% and I intend to work more with Kate once this disruptive (Covid-19) period is over.


Thank you Kate for the incredible changes you have facilitated in my life and especially for your genuine care and interest in my wellbeing. Your techniques are deceptively effective!"


Medical Practice Manager

"I honestly didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be but I went with an open mind. Kate brought to my awareness the core reason why I have been holding onto a lot of self-doubt and low self-esteem, which made me want to drink a lot. Having this ‘blockage’ cleared from me I am now able to be more confident in myself at work, and in my relationships.


I’ve had four sessions now with Kate and I cannot rave enough about the value of kinesiology. She has a gentleness that makes you feel at ease with her, and the ability to help you to love yourself. It really is life-transforming. All I can say is just give it a go."


High School Teacher & Mother


Ways you can work with Kate


Individual Sessions

Committed to supporting you in all aspects of your health and wellness through Kinesiology and Coaching, nutritional support, lab testing, gut health assessments, and supplementation; Kate tailors sessions to suit your unique needs and goals.


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Women’s Wellness Programme

An 8-Week Whole Woman Wellness Programme for busy professionals. A truly holistic and transformational programme where you can supercharge your health, wellness and life experience by creating your unique version of self-care.


Learn more.


Corporate Wellness Workshops

Unlock the potential of your team with Kate's bespoke content and holistic wellness workshops. From stress management to burnout mitigation, Kate addresses crucial workplace topics, fostering a healthy, thriving environment.


When developing corporate programs, Kate works to a brief with a focus on relieving the pain points in the company and teaching practices to help all thrive in the workplace.


Reach out to discuss your team's needs.


Wellness Workshops in Schools

Working with schools, Kate has developed wellness programs to suit all ages and stages of development. She has also written and published a Kinesiology-inspired book sharing simple and effective Kinesiology techniques with children, and their teachers. By sharing emotional intelligence and stress management techniques, Kate’s intention is to provide children with the opportunity to learn how to relate to their emotions with confidence and create balance from an early age. 


Enquire about a wellness workshop for your school here.


Immersive Retreats and Wellness Days

Delivering transformative holistic wellness experiences, Kate and the team at Ease Wellness invite you to invest in yourself and your health and take part in one of our immersive educational experiences that support self-empowerment whilst recharging your life with energy and purpose.


Learn more.


Keynote Speaking and Panel Talks

With years of presentational experience and a passion for health and education, Kate is always happy to share her insights and approach to holistic wellness and stress management with any audience where she can add value. 


Whether you need an experienced presenter for your corporate wellness day, retreat, or panel talk, we invite you to contact Kate to discuss your needs or book her services.

Reach out for a full list of topics.



Kate's versatility extends beyond individual sessions. Engage her for:


  • PhD student support

  • Non-profit organisations collaboration

  • Designing wellness days and retreats

  • Webinars, general meetings, expos, and events

  • Industry Expert Collaboration

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1:1 Sessions with Kate

Discover the transformative power of personalized care with a one-on-one Kinesiology and coaching session with Kate. Unlock your full potential and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being today:

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