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The Ease Wellness Way

8 Week Whole Woman Wellness Programme for Busy Professionals.

A truly holistic and transformational programme where you can supercharge your health, wellness and life experience by creating your unique version of self care.

It’s time for spectacular self care.

Time to seek support and be guided by a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Because the price of your career shouldn’t be your health.

It's time to shift from:

Stressed and overwhelmed




Focussed, clear and in control of your health and life.


Create your unique version of self care and learn simple techniques that contribute optimal mental health and self-awareness.

Emotionally reactive and anxious


Calm, confident and grounded as you reconnect with yourself.


Change your relationship with and release your emotions, unlocking the abundant health that’s waiting for you to claim it.

Burnt out and depleted from a lifetime of putting others first



Re-discovering the very best way to achieve next-level wellness by understanding and harnessing the energy of your mind, body and soul.

Unwell and uncomfortable



Energised and active and in a state of comfort and ease.


Provided knowledge and techniques so you can identify and release stress from your body in order to create strength and vitality.

Frustrated and alone on your wellness journey



Educated, empowered and confident in your health and lifestyle choices and feeling supported by someone truly invested in your success.

Ready to step into the life you deserve?


8 Week Whole Woman Wellness Programme for Busy Professionals.

Everything is connected. Trying to overcome issues in isolation is ignoring a greater opportunity to heal and grow.

This simple yet powerful idea is the foundation for this beautiful programme. 

This programme addresses key aspects of what it is to be human - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, nutritional, and environmental - giving you the opportunity to enhance your self-awareness and connect with, process, and take positive action to improve your experience of life.


Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s essential. And there’s more to it than bubble baths and affirmation cards. Self-care is about letting go of what no longer serves you so you can create space for what does. Less surviving, more thriving.

In each session, you'll be 100% supported through wellness concepts that will make profound and positive change available to you in whatever aspect of your life you wish to focus on.

Based on years of clinical practice and hundreds of positive results with my clients, I have designed this programme to help you experience a wide variety of self-care techniques and empower you to love yourself with as much strength, compassion, and dedication as you do others. 


Here's what you can expect...



In your first session we will deep dive into your challenges and set your goals for your programme.

Together, we go through the course structure and set strong, inspiring and achievable intentions for the eight weeks we will be working together.

Because Education + Action = Progress & Results


Mental Ease

Learn the profound benefits of self awareness and body/mind connection to obtain focus, clarity and control of your health and life.

In this module we redefine stress and share techniques to help you overcome it with ease.

We’ll explore drivers behind sabotages that keep you stuck and help you reshape your belief systems to ones that support an empowering and balanced life.


Emotional Ease

Turn emotions into your superpower and become calm, confident and grounded as you reconnect with yourself.

We delve into the incredible world of emotions and connect with the profound impact they have on all aspects of our health and life.


Learn the importance of understanding, processing and acting upon your emotions to achieve optimal wellness turning emotional reactivity into emotional proactivity.


Energetic Ease

Achieve next-level wellness by understanding the power of harnessing the energy of your mind, body and soul.

I invite you to dive into the wonderful science-backed world of quantum physics, meridians and more, where I guide you through techniques that clear blocks and negativity to enhance your energy and improve your health, productivity and flow.


Physical Ease

Let’s get physical! And by physical, I mean to understand the physical aspects of stress so you can identify and release it to create strength and vitality with ease. 

I’ll share techniques to help soothe the nervous system and vagus nerve and teach you how to truly listen to and understand your body and follow its cues to overcome discomfort and dis-ease.


Nutritional Ease

Understand the connection between your food choices and your mental and physical health.


We discuss inflammation and the significant connection between your gut and your brain and share easily digestible information to make food choices and meal prep easy, helping you overcome discomfort and enhance vitality and longevity.


Environmental Ease

Reshape your world for optimal health.

We look at the spaces you inhabit and help you identify and remove various stressors so you can create the perfect environment to thrive in.


We explore the fascinating world of epigenetics to empower you to take full responsibility for your health.


Consolidation for Success

In our final session we consolidate learnings, connect with the changes that you've made throughout the programme and celebrate your achievements.


Setting you up for success moving forward, we ensure you have structure in place to support you new ways or thinking and living.


Are you ready for change?

Here's how it works.

The core of The Ease Wellness Way programme is our weekly 1:1 coaching sessions which provides me the opportunity to meet you where you are and support you through the course in a way the suits your unique needs. This is done privately via Zoom or face-to-face if you live in or are willing to travel Sydney.

Each week I'll guide you through a new module that dives into a different aspect of holistic health and wellness.

You'll also have access to workbooks and resources to help you implement the lifestyle changes we discuss, and guide your transformation.

Everything is taken care of for you.

I provide you with all the tools and strategies you need to become the healthiest and most empowered version of you, and I'll be right by your side every step of the way.


Global Online Support

Suitable Session Times Available

Easy to Complete


Techniques At

Your Fingertips

Busy women, does this sound familiar?

You're a Pro

You’re ambitious, productive, and effective in life and work.


You’re committed to your colleagues, clients, career and your reputation.

Time and again you break your own boundaries to prove your value.


You work overtime, go above and beyond to the point of exhaustion and your reserves are proving not enough to meet your high expectations.

Stuck in overwhelm, you are increasingly depleted with every passing day and you fear your body will betray you, leaving you unable to push through.


You want to advance but feel you don’t have the energy to do so, and don’t trust yourself not to burn out.

You're a Fixer

You step up when others fall behind and meet the endless needs of demanding clients and managers, partners and perhaps children.


The mental load is real and the effort to ‘fix it all’ is starting to take its toll mentally, emotionally and physically.


You’re reacting to the smallest things, emotions are starting to get the better of you.


The idea of letting it all go feels like an appealing option. It’s now time to ‘fix’ yourself, but where to start?

You're a Carer

You love your friends, family, co-workers, and clients, but over time have fallen into the habit of prioritizing the needs of everyone else before your own.


Boundaries need to be set but you fear you’ll disappoint, be judged, even rejected if you start saying ‘no’.


Health and happiness have been chipped away as you sacrifice your time and your energy for one more favour, one more piece of yourself in service to someone else. 

Things are
out of Balance

Stress and anxiety have taken their toll on your mind and body and you’re starting to feel unwell and worn out.


You’re starting to experience pain and discomfort and can’t get to the root cause.


You’ve forgotten how to look after yourself, or never really cared enough when you were younger, and now it feels like life is catching up on you.


You need to take a break but worry that if you don’t show up you’ll be judged or thought unsuitable for the job.


Breaking point is near, you’re tired and frustrated and unsure of where to start?


Katherine Anderson

Leading Wellness Strategist and Practitioner

Hi, I’m Katherine Anderson


I empower busy, professional women to achieve real and positive change and create a unique version of self care so they can live a healthy and fulfilling life on their terms. But this wasn’t always my focus.

I spent more than fifteen years working in creative agencies, collaborating with brilliant minds and serving large multinational brands.
It was thrilling at times, but challenging at others and my health and quality of life deteriorated in the pursuit of meeting the needs of others rather than my own.


And this experience wasn’t unique to me.
For the majority of my dedicated, ambitious and hardworking female friends colleagues, this was reality. It was draining, it was upsetting and it was unnecessary.


It became abundantly clear that I was not OK with women lacking quality self-care. I was not OK with women suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, unmet needs and sub-par health; not when information is available, empowerment and wellness are accessible, and there are so many simple solutions available to help them live a balanced life.
When I became a wife and mother and continued pursuing a corporate profession,
I began to gain a new perspective on what was important. Work/Life Balance seemed a deliberately unsustainable concept that placed enormous stress upon those seeking it. 

Through the practice of Kinesiology, Coaching and complementary therapies,
I learnt that Life Balance (rather than Work/Life Balance) was the key to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. But balance can’t occur in isolation, so my mission is to teach the foundations of balance, so you can create truly holistic wellness for yourself. 

I stand for my clients living with high levels of self-care and having a life of ease. Mental, emotional, physical, nutritional and spiritual ease.


After supporting hundreds of my beautiful clients over the last 10 years, I have so much to share with you, and it all starts with The Ease Wellness Programme.

I’d love for you to join me there where I’ll share the biggest insights into how you can relieve stress, enhance emotional intelligence, reconnect mind and body to meet your unique needs and take positive action to improve your experience of life.


I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey,

Kate x


Expert Guidance
& Support

Ready for profound and positive change?



Caring & Effective

Kate’s professionalism, techniques and sincerity have brought great change to the way I live my life.


The goals we developed together have been fulfilled 100% and I intend to work with Kate well into the future.


Thank you Kate for the incredible changes you have facilitated in my life and especially for your genuine care and interest in my wellbeing.


Your techniques are deceptively effective!


Small Business Owner

Understood & Supported

Kate is an extraordinary practitioner who deeply understands the needs of her client and has a unique ability to guide you through a beautiful journey of self-healing.


Her intuitive skills are remarkable and she is a true inspiration for anyone wishing to gain insight into themselves and how they can shift their mindset! 



Connected & Confident

Working with Kate helped me understand the root causes of some of the issues I was facing in life.


It was interesting to see how certain problems correlated with muscular pain I was also experiencing.


At the end of each session I felt more and more confident. I also felt relief.  She has given me tools to help alleviate the stress associated with my mental illness.

I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone looking for alternative solutions to existing ailments whether they be emotional or physical.


Specialised Physiotherapist

Calm Woman_edited.jpg

It's time...

Focus on nurturing the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the one with yourself.

Contact Kate to discuss how this programme will help you move from surviving to thriving today.

I look forward to supporting you on your empowering wellness journey - Kate x

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