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Your leaders in holistic wellness, support & education.

Ease Wellness supports individuals, businesses and schools to achieve optimal mindset, wellness, and performance in all areas of life.

Our team of qualified practitioners and coaches facilitate holistically-driven wellness experiences and provide practical concepts, strategies, and techniques that expand our clients’ level of self-awareness, self-care, and agency.

Whether you're after specialised one-on-one support or want to elevate the health and well-being of your team or students, Ease Wellness has the solution to meet your needs.

To discover how we can best support you, connect with us today.


Specialists in experiential wellness,

we offer solutions for all.

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​Committed to the health and happiness of all of our clients, we offer one-on-one sessions tailored to suit your unique needs and goals.

Our qualified practitioners work with a wide range of people of different ages and in stages of life - from children to adults - helping to detect and eliminate stresses, obtain and maintain a state of balance, and bring increased happiness into all aspects of life.

Whether you're focusing on improving the health of you or your family, advancing your career, strengthening relationships or improving performance and mindset; our truly holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle can help you improve overall quality of life with ease.


From kinesiology and coaching, to stress management and nutritional guidance to behavioural support for children, we're here to support you.

Individualised Support
Audience and Lecturer


Workplace Wellness Workshops & Programs

Engaging and interactive workshops designed to support real and positive change.


Whether you're looking for a single workshop or a comprehensive program to support your business, Ease Wellness covers a variety of holistic health and wellness topics to ensure your team are delivered high quality, well rounded wellness advice, tools and strategies they need to become the healthiest and most empowered versions of themselves.

Every workplace is as unique as the staff they employ.

Understanding this, we are happy to come in and meet with you to discuss how we can support your business and employees in the best way possible, creating bespoke wellness workshops to meet your specific needs.

With our profound knowledge in the areas of mental and emotional wellness, physical health and nutrition, we can create truly holistic content that's right for you and your people.

Workplace Workshops

Workplace Workshops:

“Katherine Anderson is an exceptional speaker and a delight to work with. Delivering high quality, value-add events to our own people and our external community of clients and candidates is central to our business philosophy and brand.


Katherine delivered both an in-person and webinar on Beating Burnout. Her content is unmatched in what is currently available in the wellbeing and stress management space, with a blend of evidence-based information and resources, as well as simple to use, practical Kinesiology applications.


In both formats, Katherine engaged and awed our attendees, earning her events the best NPS score we have ever received.
I highly recommend Katherine as a speaker for your organisation.”

Sarah Ferraina, Head of Marketing and Communications, Beaumont People.


Wellness Workshops in Schools

We believe that in order to create real and positive change in the world, we need to start healthy habits and form healthy mindsets from an early age. This is why, at Ease Wellness, we are passionate about supporting youth in key stages of development.

With fun at the heart of all we create for this audience, we have designed engaging and interactive workshops that share important concepts like stress management, emotional intelligence, healthy eating and body-mind connection so children and teens grow up with access to concepts and techniques that support them well into adulthood.

We also deliver bespoke workshops for teachers and staff to ensure they are supported as they are doing one of our most important work, guiding and teaching our children.

If you are interested in Ease Wellness delivering workshops at your school, we'd love to hear from you.

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School Workshops

Primary School Workshops:

"Thank you Kate and the Ease Wellness Team.

The concepts and strategies introduced have proven useful to both staff and students and their presentation was polished, proficient and accessible. We look forward to experiencing more that Ease Wellness has to offer."

Mrs J Flynn - Principal - St Patrick's Catholic Primary School


Holistic Wellness Experiences

At Ease Wellness, we pride ourselves on delivering holistically-driven wellness experiences that help you to expand your level of self-awareness and agency, providing you with practical techniques you can integrate into your day.

We connect with a diverse range of facilitators, practitioners, and specialists, enabling us to deliver the best that the wellness community has to offer.

From individually designed wellness workshops to suit your unique needs, to holistic wellness days and retreats, you can rest assured that you will be educated, nourished and revitalised so you can move forward with energy and positivity.


We invite you to discover what this day has in store for you.

Wellness Experiences

Life by Design Retreat:

"What an experience! Could not have asked for a better retreat - it had it all!
The location was bliss and peaceful, the food was healthy & divine, everyone was lovely and we were all there to learn and grow, and both hosts were experienced, knowledgeable and so helpful, and supportive. I  came home armed with knowledge and tools!
Cannot wait to go again!"


Astrid V - Retreat Attendee



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