Life by Design

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4th, 5th & 6th of November 2022

Immerse yourself in a truly transformative weekend of holistic wellbeing and personal empowerment in a setting that nourishes body and mind.

Busy women,
It's time to create an empowered, masterful, and connected life on your terms.

Kinesiologist Katherine Anderson and Peak Performance and Wellness Coach Jen Lewis invite you to join them on the 4th, 5th & 6th of November 2022 at Life at Springfield in the beautiful Southern Highlands.

Invest in yourself for a weekend of education and self-empowerment, where you liberate your time, reduce overwhelm and recharge your life with energy and purpose.

Taking the juiciest concepts from their already-proven and successful 3-month programme, they have created a truly transformative 3-day immersive experience, providing dedicated and uninterrupted time for you to focus on implementing the strategies shared for fast results.
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Our unique retreat curriculum has been designed to help you shift from:






Empowered and Resilient


Identify and release stress from your body in order to create strength and vitality.



Clear and Calm

Boundaries in place to prioritise yourself and what serves you best. 

Burnt out and depleted



Rejuvenated and Energised

Next-level wellness by understanding and harnessing the energy of your mind, body and soul.




Present and Grounded


Mindfully present with the ability to powerfully connect to what's important.

Time Poor



Time Rich and Productive


1hr hour+ added to each precious day; free to spend on anything that enriches your life.

If this sounds familiar, this exclusive and life enhancing experience is perfect for you:



Attend any Life By Design workshops to go into the draw to win a beautiful Scented Drops Wellness Roller 'On-The-Go' Pouch.

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You're a Professional

You’re a busy woman juggling family, work, health, and wealth - just the everyday load of life.

By evening, the cognitive fatigue has set in and you’re unable to make the most of the limited time you have with yourself or those you love. 


You want a better way to accomplish your goals but ambition is coming at a cost.

You're tired of the usual external "solutions", often frustrated and unsure of where to start?

You're Driven

You're a high-performer but the way you're currently operating unsustainable.


You'd love to focus more energy on areas of life that inspire you but between external distractions and internal dialogue, you're achieving less than you'd like.

Boundaries need to be set but it's easier said than done. Health and happiness have deteriorated as you sacrifice your time, energy, and sanity by constantly trying to meet the needs of others.

You're Burning Out

The mental load is real and is starting to take its toll on you emotionally and physically.


You're living in a constant reactive state because you don't have the time or energy to respond in the measured way you normally would.

Tired of your current adrenalin-driven, chaotic-paced existance, you're ready to engage in a smarter way of thinking, living and working.

It's time to prioritise and nurture your most important relationship - the one with yourself.

It's time to take care of your most valuable assets - your body and your mind.

Ready to Prioritise You?

The Life by Design Retreat has been designed for those who are ready for a profound and lasting life upgrade.

This Three-Day Transformational Experience Includes:

3 days/2 nights luxury accommodation at Life at Springfield

Gourmet meals prepared on-site by local Clinical Nutritionist

Pre-retreat online group connection session

The Life by Design Retreat Programme facilitation & workbook

Morning movement classes by a Specialised Physiotherapist

Evening mindful meditation by an experienced facilitator

Bonus #1 - 1hr full body massage

Bonus #2 - Naturally-driven wellness gift pack


Over the three days you will be:

Expertly Guided

Engage in a series of professionally led science-backed self-care workshops with a group of likeminded women.

Image by Vicky Ng

Well Nourished

Enjoy delicious and nutritionally charged menu designed by local Clinical Nutritionist, Elly Grenfell of Health 'n' Harmony Nutrition.

Yoga on Deck

Mindfully Moved

You're invited to join morning and evening movement or meditation sessions to balance body and mind.


Take time for rest and self-reflection and schedule in a thereputic massage during your stay to let go of tension and stress held in your body.

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Receive a beautiful gift pack of naturally driven products to enjoy at the retreat and beyond

Build a portfolio of strategies to create a life on your terms in an exclusive setting that nourishes body and mind.

The Life by Design retreat held at Life at Springfield - a stunning 20-acre estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales - is the perfect setting for change.

Take a deep breath of country air whilst you learn life-changing concepts and techniques that heighten your level of self-awareness, upgrade your brain and tangibly regain time back into your busy life.

After each day of enlightenment, settle back in one of many comfortable and beautiful accommodation options on the property. Contact us to find an accommodation option that suits your needs:

Immerse Yourself in Tranquility and Comfort


We promise you will leave this retreat with practical strategies to overcome future obstacles and a greater understanding of yourself, prepared for your upgraded life ahead.


Expertly Supported

You deserve nothing less than a team of experienced professionals to guide you through your weekend. Meet our team of Practitioners and Therapists, the safe minds and hands expertly supporting you through the retreat.

Jen combines her 25 years in the corporate world both in the financial and tech industries, with her neuroscience and mindfulness teaching to deliver transformational programs in personal and professional development.

An experienced facilitator in both the private and corporate sectors, Jen is known for skillfully guiding her clientele to mental prosperity and high productivity.


Katherine Anderson

An experienced facilitator with over 10 years in clinical practice, having supported hundreds of clients, Kate empowers busy, professional women to achieve real and positive change and create a unique version of self-care so they can live a healthy and fulfilling life on their terms. 

Through the practice of Kinesiology, Coaching, and complementary therapies, her mission is to teach the foundations of balance, so women create truly holistic wellness for themselves.

Elly is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist and passionate foodie with a drive for holistic and lifestyle nutrition.
Committed to helping facilitate her client’s long-term wellbeing; creating health and harmony within the body via nutrition is fundamental to her practice.
Elly will be preparing your delicious and hughly nutritous meals onsite throughout the retreat.











Understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle from an early age, Liz pursued a career in Physiotherapy with a personal focus on 'prevention as cure'. Highly qualified, Liz specialises in visceral mobilisation, craniosacral, vascular, and neurological therapeutic integrations and will be leading participants in spcialised movement classes to enhance overall wellness.


As we are committed to supporting support all who attend, places in the retreat are limited.
Contact us today so we can arrange a discovery call to ensure you're a good fit for this exclusive experience.

A Promise to
our Participants

Kate and Jen are committed to their clientele achieving profound and lasting results.

To ensure a quality experience for the small group of participants attending the retreat, they only work with people who are ready, willing, and determined to create a positive shift in their lives.

This retreat programme is ideally suited to those who have an open and curious mind, a desire to move forward in life, and are committed to upgrading their life by doing the work from the inside out.

If this sounds like you then Kate & Jen invite you to join them for a truly transformational weekend.

Photography courtesy of Life at Springfield - Sheepwash Road, Avoca, NSW.

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