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For your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Nutritional Ease

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Welcome to the Ease Wellness blog!

Your go-to resource for Kinesiology, Coaching, Nutrition, Massage and a holistic approach a happy, healthy and balanced life.

We're so very excited to share our approach to whole person health, wellness and balance.

If you are someone who is looking to improve their overall health and wellness and prefer a holistic approach then you're in the right place. We will be covering topics that cover all aspects of health - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, nutritional, and environmental - to encourage you to explore many ways to achieve balance in life. We have also created this blog to support our clients and provide information and resources which complement sessions with our practitioners and make their wellness journey easier.

Kinesiology is both a thorough and fantastic way to identify and relieve stress in the body and mind.

Why we lead with Kinesiology

There is only one of you in the world, with a unique body, unique biochemistry, unique life experience and perspective on life. There are many aspects of you that make you a unique human being. It's also very important to consider that everything is connected. Your mind affects your body and it's biochemistry and the body and it's biochemistry affects your mind. Your environment is also a contributing factor to the balance of your body and mind. This being the case, the belief that you can work on things in isolation is a belief that will keep you stuck in your health, career, relationships, finances... in all aspects of your life.

Based on the foundations of Eastern & Western philosophy & underpinned by science, Kinesiology encompasses all aspects of being human – physical, mental, emotional, biochemical, environmental and spiritual. As Kinesiologists, we believe that it's vital that we consider all the aspects that make us human and look to identify and relieve stress in these areas to help you achieve optimal balance and wellness.

Our promise

We promise to provide you with thought provoking, factual, effective and well researched content that will enhance your day to day. All content will be aligned with our holistic and naturally driven approach to wellness. We will dive into areas of emotions, structural balance and movement, diet and supplementation, neuroscience and energetic balancing; incorporating concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine to ensure you are covered from all angles. We also promise variety of content in the form of insights, interviews, advice, exercises, techniques or recipes - all of which we hope you enjoy and try for yourself.

And thank you...

Yes, thank you! For being open and interested in exploring our approach to creating a truly balanced life, enhancing your level of self care and awareness. And finally, thank you for being open to the variety of techniques and concepts that Kinesiology and other therapies have to offer.

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