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Life by Design

With holistic wellness for all at the heart of everything we do, Ease Wellness is excited to be running a series of free community workshops at the Little B.I.G. House in Summer Hill.

Our Life by Design Workshop Series has been created to empower you with practical strategies to connect your mind and body, overcome obstacles, and obtain a greater understanding of yourself so you can live life intentionally.

Hosted by Ease Wellness Founder and Kinesiologist, Katherine Anderson; and other Ease Wellness-aligned practitioners, these self-care workshops deliver empowering concepts and provide the opportunity to learn practical techniques to enhance your level of self-care and overall wellness.

Although Life by Design is a series of workshops, they have been designed to be experienced as stand-alone workshops, therefore you need not have attended the previous workshop in order to enjoy the current ones. Feel free to join us on any part of the journey.

To find out more or register for one of our workshops, see below.

  • Thriving Through Change
    Thriving Through Change
    Sun, 27 Oct
    Summer Hill
    27 Oct 2024, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm AEDT
    Summer Hill, 16 Flour Ml Wy, Summer Hill NSW 2130, Australia
    27 Oct 2024, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm AEDT
    Summer Hill, 16 Flour Ml Wy, Summer Hill NSW 2130, Australia
    Connect with the resilience and strength we possess when navigating life's changes.

You're invited to LEARN & CONNECT

We've designed the Life by Design workshop series with health and community at the forefront. bringing like-minded people into a shared educational and safe experience. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about our workshop series feel free to contact us.


Small Changes - Big Results
Transform your life one habit at a time

Did you know that 90% of everything we do on a daily basis is habitual?

This means that you are on autopilot for the majority of your day.


If you’re ready to take control, set a new course, and achieve new goals then this workshop is for you.


Just like a plane flying from Sydney to New York, where a 1º change of course for the duration of its journey would take it to a different destination, small changes repeated daily add up to a very different end result months or years down the track. Even a 1% change can make a profound difference over time.


If you’re looking to reduce stress, improve your diet and exercise, overcome procrastination, or boost health and productivity; the holistic approach to habit mastery delivered in this new Life by Design workshop has been created with you in mind.


In this workshop, local Kinesiologists, Katherine Anderson and Jacqui Low of Ease Wellness support you in:

  • Understanding how your mind works so you can change your habitual thoughts and behaviours

  • Optimizing your habits so you leverage small daily actions into huge life accomplishments

  • Learning techniques that make positive habit implementation easy and achievable


Further exploring the exciting space where Neuroscience meets Kinesiology,

This workshop offers a perfect opportunity to overcome resistance and create real and lasting change at one of our community-focused Self-Care Sundays at the Little B.I.G. House in Summer Hill.

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Are you a company that values your employees' wellbeing?

Why not try a new approach and engage Ease Wellness to facilitate a holistically-driven workshop that helps expand employees' level of self--awareness and agency, providing them with practical techniques they can use in their day-to-day

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Enjoying the workshops but would like a more personalised approach?


Work directly with an Ease Wellness practitioner and they will design a program to suit your unique needs and lifestyle so you can supercharge your self-awareness, clear limiting beliefs, and upgrade the way you live your life.

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